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Valuation & Advisory

Our professional valuation services team is qualified across the Central Asian and Caucasus regions, operating to both local and International standards to ensure the very best service and quality in asset valuation, drawing from a wealth of experience acquired both in Central Asia and throughout Europe, covering the complete range of real estate asset valuation requirements. We are widely recognized for providing the most sophisticated advice on the current and projected value of property and property-related investments. We advise from the perspective of the client – owner, purchaser, lender or investor. 


We value Industrial, Office, Residential and Retail properties, trade and sub-soil extraction related assets for the following purposes:

  • Loan collaterisation 
  • Initial Public Offering
  • Mergers and acquisitions 
  • Valuation of construction projects 
  • Investment decisions  
  • IFRS
  • Balance sheet asset confirmation 
  • RICS, IVS, and others
Kamila Khilanova

Kamila Khilanova

Associate Director | Valuation & Advisory

Kamilla joined Cushman & Wakefield Kazakhstan in 2009 and is a certified valuer with over 15 years of experience in local and international valuations, specialising in portfolio valuations of real estate and oil sector assets, business and intangible asset valuations. Kamila is a graduate of the Valuation and Construction Academy with a Bachelor’s and Master degree on qualification "Expert appraiser». She is a member of Chamber of Professional Independent Appraisers.

Natalya Sergeyeva

Natalya Sergeyeva

Associate Director | Valuation & Advisory

With over 13 years valuation experience, Natalya joined Cushman & Wakefield in 2009, specialising in portfolio valuations of real estate property, mining, and oil and gas assets. Natalya is a graduate of the Kazakh National University - Faculty of Economics and Business. Holds state certificates for valuing both tangible and intangible assets.  Is a member of the Independent Valuers Chamber of Kazakhstan


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